Hermes Bal de Soie

That time when Hermès threw a Kubrickian Third Eye Blind vibing masquerade Bal de Soie in honor of one of their most iconic scarf prints, and Paris…


Makeup Painting

Applying makeup can be a form of art. It calls for brushes and paints of numerous colors, materials, and sizes and the aesthetics and skill of an…


Damien Hirst X Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen’s beloved rocker-kid-chic skull scarf get’s an upgrade from the Skull King himself: Damien Hirst. In this fashion meets art world collaboration, McQueen’s scarves are brought to life in a sensual ballet of silks.


Through the Tainted Glass

| Alice in Wonderland Style Inspiration | Vintage | H&M | Techni-Acid-Colored Looking Glass | The real tale of Alice arose from the story of the…

Takashi-Murakami-Gagosian-In the Land of the Dead, Stepping on the Tale of a Rainbow-ModeArte-6

Takashi Murakami Reveals His Dark Side ‘In The Land of the Dead’

Few artists to have so impressively penetrated the worlds of fashion with such international prestige as contemporary Japanese artist Takashi Murakami. With his latest exhibition at the Gagosian Gallery entitled “In the Land of the Dead, Stepping on the Tale of a Rainbow” Murakami shows us an unexpectedly dark yet enticing side of his artist psyche.

ModeArte- paolo roversi lori goldstein vogue italia sept10

Style Me Witch

Style Inspiration | Dark | Bewitch | Goth | Conjure | Toil & Trouble Vogue Paris | September 2012 | Saskia de Brauw Vogue…


Skin Icing

Skin icing is a guru-born beauty secret branded by the Church of Kate Moss. The simple technique, involving massaging an ice cube against your face…


Swine Witch

“Now when fair-tressed Circe, a dread goddess of human speech, had given them the potion, and they had drunk it off, then she presently…


Mermaids on Acid

“If human beings are not drowned,” asked the little mermaid, “can they live forever? Do they never die as we do here in the…

Qiu Hao ModeArte

Good & Evil

“The whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts” This Gestalt theory of synergy couldn’t ring more true than in the fashion-meets-art world. It is…